Lens-Artists PC – Around the Neighbourhood…

I’ve shown you so much of our little town and surrounds, so… how do I do justice to Tina’s challenge this week? Well, why not show you a few quirky pics? Let’s begin with the cormorant roost, a photo of their neighbourhood… on the doorstep of our neighbourhood…

I rather like the hues of the photo… where’s the sea end and the sky begin? ⇑ Anyway… when last have you seen a boat swinging high and dry?

⇑ Swinging high and dry – boat lifts in our neighbourhood are quite common… the secret is being in the right place at the right time. OK, the next one is of the threatening sky… yes, the storm is coming! ⇓

It does make a pretty picture, don’t you think? Colour and contrast… birds, bridges and boats. Last but not least… here’s a photo looking back over the town toward the snow-covered Croghan Mountain… busy pic, loads of stuff… and even some wind turbines on the hill… ⇓

OK… one more. I bet you don’t too often see big bad diggers removing sunken boats from the harbour! This lot had us enthralled for a week or two… we made it our business to go down at least once a day to check on progress! ⇓

Sorry… I just couldn’t resist using the little arrows… please humour me, ta!!

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4 Responses to Lens-Artists PC – Around the Neighbourhood…

  1. banactee says:

    Nice impressions, Aj. Looking forward to more quirky outlooks. Have a nice day!


  2. perdebytjie says:

    Mooi foto’s van jou omgewing en Interessante manier hoe jy dit aanbied …met AJ humor!


  3. Prior... says:

    Arrows are cool! I will try and use them too
    And excellent theme with skies and mood-
    Fav is the storm coming – thanks for pointing out all the things to see – I think it helps us readers/viewers get more when photographers do that.
    And seeing the sunken rescue is unique –
    My mother lives in Florida and she sends me pics of some of the boats that are half sunk. Small vessels
    But who and why do they just leave them tipped half in the water?


  4. Tina Schell says:

    Fun view of your neighborhood – loved the idea of digging the boat up!


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