Flapper Friday – Neighbourhood special!

Yes, I know I usually do bird posts on Fridays… so, I’ll begin with this photo… just to prove I’m trying to stick with tradition… even if it’s my man-made tradition…

I spotted this fella flying by… trailing a banner. ⇑ Well, a small banner… or, maybe only the string that the banner once was attached to. But… I also spotted the crane. Crane in the harbour area? That can only mean one thing. Yes, if you had a look at yesterday’s post you’ll know cranes lift boats out of the water. But… lo-and-behold, we were lucky enough to see the boat being lifted back… into the water!

I think we can surmise most of the neighbourhood found out that the boat lift was on… ⇑ spot the green hat! And the pink leggings… no, they’re not playing TV games! OK… so, then I managed to get more proof that others were also snapping away…

⇑ I promise… there are three people taking snaps seen in this pic… yep, the blurry figure in the distance… he’s also at it! And now… when things get tiring for some… find a convenient recliner and watch… ⇓

Yep… ’tis Friday… again! Happy day… happy weekend! We’re going to keep having fun here in our neighbourhood! Thanks again to Tina for the prompt – it’s fun!

PS – Yep… I just had to do the little arrows again… you know what they say in the classics…

small things amuse small minds…

PPS – No, I didn’t know the lift was going to happen… so, I just fluked showing you the out and in on consecutive days… promise!

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1 Response to Flapper Friday – Neighbourhood special!

  1. Tina Schell says:

    LOL, camera in phones are going to make us all crazy!!!


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