Wednesday’s Weather Words – Why We Wonder?

I have long been a firm follower of Murtagh’s Meadow and a recent post where the good lady asks…

Is Climate Change Affecting Our Neighbourhoods? 

… prompted me to leave the following comments,

Mmmm… we all have our views. Mine is just that the climate has been changing since the so-called Big Bang.
I’m afraid, the scaremongers who are gaining financially by all their doomsday predictions are only cherry-picking the data that suit them! (The hockey-stick lark, to name but one…)
I wonder… if we take the statistics over the last few hundred years (instead of only choosing to trot out the last twenty years data?) … how much has really changed? Weather change is cyclical… the patterns will always vary. I wonder when will water vapour become the new greenhouse gas to be vilified…
OK… enough, your pics are great… I love the daffs in the snow… and yes, they were early this year… so, let’s just be grateful for their colour! Next year they may be very late… who knows?
The crux of the matter – we should seek answers and challenge opinion, not blithely follow every whim chucked at us.
Just by the way… we should save our energies (and focus) for the fight against pollution… of all kinds, beginning with farming and the massively destructive effects of mono-culture and chemical interference!

I’d like to add here that reading a post by a South African blogger who also thinks the whole global warming carry-on is a farce, further prompted me to do this post today. Perdebytjie is a very astute lady. She’s no fool and doesn’t suffer fools kindly so, it is gratifying to see that others, who love the natural world and the long-term future of our environments, know that the questions around global warming need debate and challenge.

PS – The top photo was taken on 29 Jan 2019 – early! The second on 01 MAR 2019 – that’s more like it, or is it? Who decides?

PPS – March has been rather chilly and damp. So much so that bulbs like tulips are  not really flowering… so, the early spring seems to have been halted in its tracks, therefore… I predict this is the start of global cooling!

PPPS – Happy Hump Day… yes, midweek already! Time to start planning the weekend’s activities?

PPPPS – I hope the two links today doesn’t result my post landing in your spam tin!

PPPPPS – Chilly again today… seems my prediction is coming true…

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7 Responses to Wednesday’s Weather Words – Why We Wonder?

  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Great to see we are continuing the debate here! Don’t you think governments have plenty other ways of getting money from us other than bringing in taxes such as the carbon tax? As said before debate is good, and important when we talk about climate change and all.the other issues affecting our environment today.

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  2. perdebytjie says:

    Hier is ‘n skakel na ‘n interessante blogger…die ironie van aardverhitting straal hieruit.


  3. perdebytjie says:

    Hehe, AJ! Jy steek jou kop lekker uit saam met my! Ek lees baie oor hierdie hele klimaatstorie en dis asof mense nie die kloutjie by die oor kry nie. In eenvoudige taal: Eers was dit aardverhitting en sou ons al volgens Al Gore teen 2015 ysloos gewees het en reeds versuip het in laagliggende gebiede. Toe dit nie gebeur nie, word dit klimaatsverandering genoem…lekker, nou kan dit beide kante toe gaan, sonder dat iemand lieg! Intussen maak mense miljoene uit sg. Koolstofbelasting… skielik hier by ons ook…asof hierdie klomp iets daaraan doen dat ons nie elke dag versmoor in steenkooldampe op die hoëveld nie! Waar gaan daardie geld heen? Die poefies dryf in die Vaaldam in, Eishkom is sonder krag, ons mediese fasiliteite is ‘n gemors, ons strate is vol gate en dan word daar ewe skynheilig belasting op CO2 gehef!!
    Verder is wind en sonkrag so minimaal, dat dit nie ‘n jota se verskil gaan maak aan kragopwekking nie en vervaardigers hiervan, loop met miljoene weg en kry subsidies by regerings, in eerste wêreldlande.
    Daar word ook heerlik gepeuter met data om dit te laat lyk na verhitting. Daar is baie voorbeelde as mens net behoorlik gaan navors.
    Die son beleef tans ‘n tydperk sonder sonvlekke…navorsing toon siklusse van 11 jaar se aktiewe magnetiese aktiwiteit en 11 jaar sonder aktiwiteit. Die son is volgens verskeie wetenskaplikes die meganisme wat klimaat beïnvloed. Ek gaan nie verder kerm hier nie, moes dit dalk in die Rooitaal gedoen het vir jou volgers…lol!😄😄


  4. banactee says:

    After the last ice age we are actually living in a warming period, no scientific doubt about this because scientists use datas going back tenthousands of years and not only of the last 20 years as alleged by you. The concerning point is that the actual climate changes do happen very quickly and dramatically. Calling this a farce, quite populistic and simplifying.

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    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks for interacting. That’s exactly the point… compared to any ice age we will always be in a warming period. So, what makes that alarmist? It’s simply a fact… accept it an move on with life, not try and rip off vast quantities of money from tax payers via government funding! Keep asking questions… don’t believe everything that is fed to you by mass media… and governments!

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      • banactee says:

        Scientists have warned about all this already in the 70s (Club of Rome) but nobody did care about it. So you think that this is just nonsense while medias and governments are now taking care of it? Anyways a real heavy ugly volcanic eruption might lead to a new small ice age like in medieval times. If it will happen so soon, I do not know.


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