Seaside Saturday – Lift and Shift!

Yep, lift and shift. This is a term I learned this week, from one of the lads masterminding the lifting and shifting of the brand new boat in picture. The whole process took about three working days… and then there was all the background planning and logistics. Some operation… and all culminating in the safe lowering of the boat into the water.

At one point a title for the post crossed my mind…

Delicate operation – 13o ton boat lift!

That it was, I promise! Delicate and specialist!

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2 Responses to Seaside Saturday – Lift and Shift!

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Sulke werkery met hyskrane en masjienerie fassineer my altyd…dis seker omdat my pa ‘n ingenieur was. Pragtige boot en foto, AJ….beslis nie ‘n ysbreker nie, want dis mos aardverhitting daar by julle.😉😉


    • aj vosse says:

      Ek is ook besot op sulke soort gebeurtinisse… wil alles sien en probeer verstaan. Die ou vat my vertel het van die “lift and shift” se naam is Brian Aylward. Hulle maatskapy werk die hele land vol. Ek het sy pa ook ontmoet, wat die besigheid in 2981 gestig het. Kyk hulle webblaai… baie interesant, en sulke friendelike mense… vier broers en een suster bryf nou die besigheid!
      Lekker vet pret!
      OO… amper vergeet ek… dis ‘n koolstof dief, daai boot! 😉 🙂


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