Nap Time?

It’s been a rather hectic few days… into the big smoke on Friday… through the big smoke on Saturday… but yesterday, down to our favourite beach for a leg-stretch! On the way back, I spotted this bit of sand art… and thought it very appropriate! Time for a nap?

Happy Monday… as always, just don’t get yourself all worked up, especially if you have end-of-quarter targets looming… what will be, will be – come April first!

PS – Talking of April first, is anyone out there doing the A to Z challenge? I’m tempted… but I’m really not into all the red-tape…

PPS – Nine months to Christmas… better begin the planning… and saving, that’s if you’ve managed to repay all last year’s debts already!! Fun??

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9 Responses to Nap Time?

  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    Ons “lees” ook gewoonlik al die kunstige tekeninge en en boodskappies op die strand. Ek het nie hierdie jaar energie vir die A-Z nie, maar ek gaan nou eers kyk wat se red tape jy van praat.


  2. perdebytjie says:

    Watse “smoke” praat jy van?
    Pragtige foto, oulike kunstige detail raakgesien, AJ.

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