Tuesday Tunes… Tasty!

Yesterday, we drove past this humble abode. I was riding passenger so the good lady asked if I’d take a few potshot snaps as we went by. I did… for her… and for you! Yep, how else would you know what one of Ireland’s most famous singers’ front door looks like? Sorry, make that the Fort Knox gate. Yep… I’m sure there are armed guards on patrol in there… if they’re not carrying shooting type stuff they’ll have biting type stuff at the ends of strained leashes… I bet! So, here’s that snap… and then you’ll recognise the music… if you’re of a certain age!

There… you see, I have just server a community service… letting you all know whet Enya’s meagre front gate looks like… and that little stone wall behind goes by the name of… ah well, here’s the link… Wiki-P will tell you more!

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5 Responses to Tuesday Tunes… Tasty!

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Mooi musiek en ‘n pragtige kasteel!


  2. HesterLeyNel says:

    Ek dink dis juis die feit dat daar geen verandering van klank is nie wat jou aan die slaap hou. White noise, maar baie mooi. Ek luister op die oomblik (wel, vir die laaste drie maande) elke nag na die Gregorian Chants 2nd volume Sacred Songs en ek slaap soos ‘n regverdige vir 8 tot 9 ure 😊 Ek het probeer om te luister na geluide wat die see maak, maar dan word ek wakker en wil gaan swem.

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  3. HesterLeyNel says:

    Die dame wie se musiek my so lekker laat ontspan. Sy help my deur daardie droefgeestige nagte wat die slaap vir my weghardloop.

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