Seaside Saturday – Lonely…

This lil fella cuts a lonely figure on the deserted beach. We’d been down there for a short while… not long enough for him… so, he turned his back on us and headed toward the water. No, don’t worry… he was quickly chased down… and taken to the car. He wasn’t too charmed with the state of affairs but hey, adults rule… or, do they?

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10 Responses to Seaside Saturday – Lonely…

  1. Julle twee laat my lag….oulike foto, dit praat eintlik sy eie storie as jy lank genoeg ponder…


  2. perdebytjie says:

    Dis so ‘n oulike foto…sou graag een wou sien waar oupa agter hom aanhardloop!😄

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  3. You can’t tske your eyes off them for a second. 😅


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