Alternative A to Z – Climate? Carbon? No… Children!

Ah well, no fine… we’ll say little about the climate today… just because it has always changed and the day it stops changing, that’s the day we should begin worrying! Or maybe that will be far too late! As for Carbon, without it we all die! Simple!

So… here’s the brief… we rather go with a much more interesting topic today. Children! We have more than a handful of grandchildren… but, as we’re doing B&W I’ll share just a few images… beginning with this little lady. I really enjoyed doing the light and dark adaption of the photo… and I think it works rather well.

Then… here’s a lil lad who simply burst my camera every time we see him! He really knows about facial expressions… and how to change them in a split second! I’ve nicknamed him Duran Duran… after their “Wild Boys” song…

So… there’s just two of the lil darlings! And the song I’ve chosen for today? There can only be one… Teach Your Children! Yes, teach them to seek truth, not to believe all the bull spewed by mass media. Also, teach them respect – and teach them to question the dogma their parents believe! Yep, don’t teach them to tow the PC line… it sucks!

Happy Hump Day – may your day be filled with fun… and newly made memories! Happy Birthday to the Special One!!

Do call in at the Sandbag Times Radio… we’re slowly but surely moving toward more frequent and regular shows. My knees are a tad less wobbly when I go on air… that’s when the laptop, mic and software all decide to cooperate!

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1 Response to Alternative A to Z – Climate? Carbon? No… Children!

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Pragtige foto’s! Daardie knapie is baie fotogenies…besondere foto!


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