Alternative A to Z – Drop!

Yes… DROP! If you were ever in the air force, the word drop would have a few meanings… but, before we get there… here’s a more common use of the word… as in water drop. As in off a tomato… after a heavy rain shower. This was taken in the days when I didn’t know tomatoes and rain didn’t go well together!

So? Back to the air force. This song was way big in the early eighties… just when I was doing flight engineer’s course. We did the course in conjunction with the helicopter pupil pilot’s training. Scary? Yes… at times you wanted to get out and walk home… only, we weren’t fitted with chutes for quick exits.

So… there you have it… slightly off on a different tangent… but then, why not?

I took a brave step yesterday morning… I did a mostly music show as Jim is away until at least next week. I may do something similar today… in between “oupa’s taxi” duties. I’ll queue a classic album to start playing around ten (Irish Time)… and then jump on after the album is played through. You’ll know I’m on… you’ll see it on the bottom feed and also by my Twitter logo.

Please spread the word… I’m particularly interested in connecting with veterans… and serving members, UK/ EU/ SA and US… and of course their families.

Sandbag Times Radio…

It’s internet… so a worldwide reach is possible… so, please help me help myself!

Massive oaks from small acorns rise… true!

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  1. Prior... says:

    that video music was peppy –


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