Alternative A to Z – Easy…

It’s Friday… and I’ve managed to reach day five of my own April A to Z. Fun… and hopefully not too dull! Easy came about quite easily. Today’s song has been going around a bit in our house lately. I then mentioned The Eagles to Jim, one of the other lads at the radio. He said that young Deacon Frey was doing a fine job standing in his father’s shoes. So, we went looking. It was quite something to see the performance… the hairs rose, I promise. So, I’ll share one of the versions to be found on the Tube. Try and listen what he says at the start… special!

So… as I usually do flappers on Fridays, I’ll throw in a B&W take on one of my feathered friends fluttering by…

The sound quality isn’t great on the first recording… so, why don’t I leave you the original? Classy… cool and totally EASY!!

It’s Friday… take it easy… enjoy the weekend… and remember, don’t do what I wouldn’t!

OH… in case you’re I need of a reminder… here’s the link for Sandbag Times Radio… I should be scratching my itch around 19h00… Irish time, this evening!

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