Alternative A to Z – Green!

Ireland is the place of green! So… how can I not do green? Only thing is, as it’s mono month… I have to give you a B&W version of green, won’t I?

OK… so, to make up for the mono mode, how about I get a tad bold and share this video? It has green in the title… and colour of a different kind! Imagine… back in the day, this would’ve been deemed wildly outrageous… enough to turn the agony aunts green with jealousy… or envy… or rage… or migraine! Boy oh boy… them shapes would turn any auntie of that era off CCR for life! But, as we’re now all liberated we’ll enjoy the music and memories… even if the kitsch leaves us a tad green!

Ah well… as it’s Monday… and it’s Ireland… I’ll just have to share the green version of the pic too… I mean, it is mono… so I’ll bend the rules!

Happy Monday… remember, don’t set those goals too high… then you’ll likely only be setting yourself up for a disappointing on Friday afternoon – surely not the way you want to start your weekend!

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8 Responses to Alternative A to Z – Green!

  1. Jy is ‘n ondeunde b(l)ogger om ons so met daardie swart-en-wit foto te terg – dankie vir die groen een, dis baie mooi en baie Iers.

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  2. I keep setting my goals too high–I think I need to take a break and go loll about in the green a little.

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    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks for calling around! That you should do… and maybe take a collection of short stories with you… read a shortish one… unwind and then come back and write with vigour! 😉


  3. perdebytjie says:

    Dankie vir die groen op die laaste foto.Daardie dames dans te lekker. Ek is groen van jaloesie dat ek nie meer so kan beweeg nie!

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