Alternative A to Z – O is for Option

Yep, yesterday, when walking and thinking about today’s post, I realised just how many options I had… so, here we go with just a few:

  • Opinion – mine, earned with research and expressed in a dignified way. Here’s a thought, only my opinion. The fire at Notre-Dame… symbolic of the systematic trashing of old European values?
  • Old… everything gets old, even this wonderful planet… man-made things seem to fare the worst! Decay is everywhere…
  • Ocean! Now… there’s something that holds magic. Nothing on this planet has so much beguiling beauty… on a calm day it’s just stunning… but on a wild day it’s even more stunning… just keep your distance!
  • Open – be open to learning… and to educating yourself! Don’t believe all the bull that’s out there!
  • Outdated? Just think of the vilification of eggs, the superfood… that should get you going…
  • Order… dare we dream?
  • Option: I’ve given you a few to think about… so, how about a photo? I think I’ll share an ocean scene… why not?

Rays... light... ocean beauty! B&W to enjoy!

We’ll stay on the beach…

Happy Hump Day… I hope your day is filled with long tall cool options…

PS – Here’s one… a collection of short stories…

The Lucky Thirteen… get the collection, you won’t regret taking this option… then, please leave a review! It is important… I promise!

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6 Responses to Alternative A to Z – O is for Option

  1. Jou wit-en-swart foto is pragtig en ek het Chris Rea se musiek so geniet – laat my ver terug verlang…

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  2. perdebytjie says:

    Ek hou van al jou wyshede en….drum roll….ek het jou boek afgelaai op my Kindle! Sal dit die naweek lees en terugvoer gee.😄😄

    Liked by 1 person

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