Alternative A to Z – Pebbles or Stones?

Short and sweet today. I love going down to the pebble beach… such diversity… such fun being down there. We often marvel at just how different each and every pebble (or stone) can be. Just like humans… many are similar in looks… but each unique…

It was misty for most of yesterday… but the sun tried to break through while we were down there collecting pebbles… mmm, no… getting this photo! Look in the distance… the same land silhouette as the photo I placed yesterday. And for a song, here’s Myles Kennedy… Turning Stones… a song that I always relate with the pebbles…

PS – I didn’t give the photo the B&W look… it was monochrome enough…

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4 Responses to Alternative A to Z – Pebbles or Stones?

  1. Die klippies maak die mooiste geluid as die see hulle so omrol.

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  2. I love collecting pebbles!


    • aj vosse says:

      I’m with you there… we collect often. On of my next projects I pre paring for… pebble jewellrey! I have a few ideas… next step, like writing… turn the idea into reallity! 😉


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