Alternative A to Z – Understanding…

What are we supposed to be understanding?

I’m afraid that question you will have to answer for yourself. I can only give you a few pointers… a few suggestions of questions you need to ask, of yourself… and others. There is no way of understanding anything if you don’t want to ask… there is no way of understanding anything if you only want to believe what the mass-media is feeding you!

You may ask for an example… I’ll give you one!

Just weeks ago, a mad-man lunatic criminal killed 50 odd good people in New Zealand. WRONG! The whole world squealed and screamed… and imposed restrictive laws and cried about the sorry plight of the world. However… many, or most of those screamers had very little to say about Christians getting slaughtered in Sri Lanka. Or… has anybody told you that about 50 people are murdered in South Africa… each and every day of the year? Why? What is your understanding of that fact?

So… I’m going to ask you… is only Christian bashing acceptable in this day and age? Or… what is your understanding of human dignity and the right to individual rights and free speech? What the media tells you? NO! To have an understanding of the wrong and right of any situation you must research the facts… and not follow the endless torrents of lies and half-truths spewed by organisations and governments that want you to remain puppets… like the good old days of communism… when the individual had no say…

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