Alternative A to Z – Why Wonder?

I was going to ask why we should wonder about our lives and the impact we have on one another. I was also going to ask why we believe all the tripe we are fed? But, why should I ask? I’ll rather show you a few “W” photos… and share a song or two. As it’s Friday, let’s share a few groovy boogie songs.

So… why worry? Why worry when the mass media tells us CO2 is evil? Just research it for yourself. If it was toxic, we’d all be dead! If it was toxic… plants wouldn’t grow… and the result of that? OK… time for a photo… how about wheels & water?

I had fun trying to capture the little car speeding about… only thing is, my crappy zoom lens is really too slow for this kind of action… but, here’s one pic that will do just fine…

Then… I was reminded of the wildflowers on the wall pic I took the other day… pretty little inhabitants – free to grow and not be harassed. Hopefully out of sight, above the eye line of the chemical sprayers…

Even better still… the results of letting a weed grow freely… seeing it spread it’s seeds… a simple pleasure!

Wild weather woes? Yep… according to the alarmists the earth is warming. Yes, apparently it has warmed about ZERO POINT EIGHT of a degree Celsius in the last 100 years… and that is also dependant on whose data you want to believe. Really people… weather and climate are their own masters… little that we do as a human race will ever impact the outcome. However, stop pollution… of body, mind and soul! The easiest way to do that is simple… ask continuously…

Why? Why… why?? WHY and WHY??

Only when you ask and research and ask again will you begin doubting all the bull propaganda that has been and is, taught in our schools and universities… to further the agendas of others… for their own gains!

Power, someone once said, corrupts… ultimate power corrupts… totally!

Why is it that the individual is forced to accept the dogma of the group? I don’t know. However, its Friday… so, let’s relax… and keep our heads held high! Why, you may ask? I wonder…

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1 Response to Alternative A to Z – Why Wonder?

  1. MMMM die allermooiste foto’s!


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