Alternative A to Z – X-Hausted!

Yep… totally exhausted! Not me… or, maybe me. This month has gone by rather rapidly… and, for the last few letters I’ll take it easy… just because I’ve exhausted my thought processes! Shows you what you get when you want to spread good news! Very few want to listen…

Anyway, who can remember the American Indian group XIT? I’ll share a few songs…

Maybe it’s not only the Indian way that’s been messed with… maybe the assault on good old-fashioned Euro-centric culture has e-hausted us to such an extent that Truth is no longer a concept that warrants discussion. Sad, really sad, like seeing the old bones of a once fine wooden boat

Makes you wonder… how do we continue on in life as if nothing has changed? Do we continue to go with the flow or do we stand back and ask a few questions?

Here’s a cute bit of beach graffiti I spotted.

PS – Thanks my good lady for the beach art… she had a flash of inspiration!

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11 Responses to Alternative A to Z – X-Hausted!

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Soms moet die lewe maar net gebeur…lekker naweek.
    NS. Die foto van die boot is besonders!

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  2. It’s always good to stand back and ask a few questions, AJ. Even though one might not get the answers. But then again silence is an answer too.
    Wishing you a restful weekend!

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