Alternative A to Z – Yellow Peril?

No… yellow is a groovy colour… we won’t associate peril with this colour. Red… now, there’s a perilous colour… or, is it? But… let’s not go down that road… rather, we go down the yellow gorse road… or rather, yellow gorse path!

… and… in celebration, we get a much younger Elton to sing us a song…

On the other hand… the Beatles sang us a song about submarines… and I don’t have a photo of one so, I’ll just have to share a pic of an Irish Naval vessel, hope you don’t mind! So… as there’s not much yellow in the pic, I’ll let you have a B&W… just for effect, seeing as I wanted to do mono’s for the alternative month!

OH… so you thought I’d forgotten about the Beatles and their yellow song… no, I haven’t!

OK… so, here’s a little more yellow for you. I enjoy this spring view…

Happy Monday… I hope your week is filled happy challenges… and very little stress! Just to think… today is the last Monday of April… next week this time we would long have seen the back of the first third of this year…

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4 Responses to Alternative A to Z – Yellow Peril?

  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Do you think that the gorse bushes seem even more full of flower this spring than previous years? Also can’t believe you are already nearly at the end of your alphabeth – where has April gone??

    Liked by 1 person

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