Alternative A to Z – Zooty Zany!

Yep… we’ve reached the last day of April! I’ve survived my own alternative a to zee… just! Today there will be NO black and white! Today I’m giving you the zaniest colours I can… in celebration! Here’s something I whipped up the other day…

The pieces I’m working on will be shown at the South African Gathering – not far from where we live, on 05 MAY 2019… yep, very soon! (I’m wondering… will this be the beginning of the odd fair and expo?)

OK… before we go any further… here’s a song fitting the Z theme… Mike ZETO… great, great song!

OK… here’s another piece… really fun doing this “art”. Your imagination can go… on a wild colour-burst flipping trip!

And another song? Yep… something quirky by a gent who went by the name Warren Zevon! Look him up… he was known for his zany lyrics!

And then… as I like doing when we get to the letter Z… go from zany to ZAPPA! Here’s a wee ditty to cheer you up!

So… as I’m in a good mood today… I’ll share my new LinkedIn profile pic… complete with beret and all!

Goodbye April… see you around next year!

About aj vosse

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4 Responses to Alternative A to Z – Zooty Zany!

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Sjoe AJ..jou kunswerke is pragtig! Die kleure laat my sommer goed voel. Daardie laaste foto met die beret gee jou die gesofistikeerde kunstenaarsvoorkoms! Mal daaroor. Sukses met die uitstalling op 5Mei.


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