Blue Monster Monday?

Well… I’m placing the photos on Monday but it was taken on Saturday, so… as it’s Monday I’m claiming it for today! Yes, a blue day… only in colour, not in vibe! We enjoyed the lil lad’s second birthday party on Saturday afternoon. Great fun and some fair amounts of laughter. Don’t let the five candles fool you… he only turned two… but I think his parents think he’s given then five years of entertainment and joy… condensed into his first two years of life! Here’s he’s preparing to blow…

… and here he’s blowing… while the monsters are roaring!

By the way… his very talented mammy produced that cake… orders will be taken! Now… I shouldn’t be advertising sugar products – but hey, for the grand-kids I will make exceptions to my #LCHF way of life!

PS – Based on the utter disappointment I witnessed on one of their faces the day I declined cake at their party – I then realised that a child’s happiness is more important than my sugar/ carb abstinence… so, I break my rules… but only on birthdays!

PPS – All the bigger grand-kids know I’ll eat toxins on their birthdays… they also know that sugar is NOT good for them!

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4 Responses to Blue Monster Monday?

  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Cool cake!!

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  2. MrsWayfarer says:

    What a lovely cake and a cute celebrant

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