Wednesday’s Wondering’s – Smiles All Around!

OK… today we look at the next set of two questions posed by Mrs Wayfarer in her challenge:

  • If you were a superhero, who would you be?
  • What is one simple thing (or person, place, event) that never fails to brighten up your day?

(Note: Do visit Mrs Wayfarer’s post to see the rules of the challenge – I’m not doing the challenge – I’m only answering her questions…)

OK… me, a superhero? Maybe only in my own mind! I’m reminded of the old adage – being a legend in my own lunchtime…

But, if I was to choose one it would be Jerry! Yes, he of Tom and Jerry. But… I hear you say, he’s no superhero? Or… is he? Pause a second… give it a thought. How do we define a superhero? Jerry meets all the requirements:

  • he always saves the day
  • he always triumphs over evil
  • he always sets the example – well, maybe…
  • he teaches the moral of the story
  • he sets his differences apart on occasion – to team up with the enemy – for common good
  • and mostly, he makes kids laugh… and even their grandparents! (The parents are too busy watching box sets…)
  • and… maybe my favourite attribute… he gets rid of his stress and frustration… by any means possible! (Yep… beating up the bully is fun… or, is it?)

(Previously used this photo… taken while watching T&J with the grand-kids… )

OK… enough dreaming… for now. So… what never fails to bring a smile? Easy… it ties in with the family element mentioned above.

Smiles – they never fail to lift me! The smiles of my family, beginning with my best buddy’s smile. Yes… that’s my wife. After that it will be the smile of a kid – the adults and well as the juniors! And… you – my blogging family! You leave me better off. Yep… I read your posts and smile, or smile with you in spirit! Thanks you!

OK – so, the lad was boogieing to one of my tunes… cool! You can catch me around six in the evenings (Irish time), Monday to Friday playing the great vibes… just click here

PS – I’ve got a few links in this post… I hope it doesn’t land straight in your spam-box!

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2 Responses to Wednesday’s Wondering’s – Smiles All Around!

  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    Jerry! Jy is so reg. Ek is nie ‘n hero worshipper nie (dis hoekom ek nie rugby kyk nie), maar ek dink jy is in die kol met jou definisie.


  2. MrsWayfarer says:

    Nice pic of the little darling having a good time listening 😀


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