Magic Muddy Mumford’s Moments… on Monday!

So… the good lady’s phone rang. The caller asked, are you up for a concert? Someone has tickets but can’t make it. Mumford & Sons? YES, I screech. Only problem… outdoor show… at the Malahide Castle grounds… and the weather is iffy, to say the least. It poured on the Friday night show so the place would likely resemble a swamp!

We only umm’ed-and-aah’ed for about two minutes. The only reason for that was because, years ago we’d been drenched at a concert at the venue… where the sound was awful and the electricity failed, dumping the stage in darkness and near silence while the heavens opened on the hapless crowd. However, we quickly decided to apply the old adage… yep, you know it,

… nothing ventured, nothing gained!

We’d set off better prepared… wellies, extra socks, coats, fold-up ponchos and fortitude. Long story short… we got to the venue in time to see the last support act.

The young, up-and-coming Dermot Kennedy and band gave a great account of themselves and were met with enthusiastic crowd response… much better than I’d seen at other shows for support acts. I have to confess… I don’t listen to mainstream radio… so, I was not too familier with their music. But… to say they grabbed our attention would be an understatement! I think I’ll do a separate post about them next week… they deserve their own mention.

OK… onto the main story… Mumford & Sons! We rocked! They rocked the crowd… they moved the crowd… those who weren’t already being moved about by all the drink and dope they’d consumed!

However, we had a terrific night. Marcus Mumford and his fellow musicians are a treat. Multi-instrumentalists, smooth, tight… professional and interactive while producing great sounds and songs.

I’ll have to add… they blew the rain away too! The wellies stayed unused and when a slight drizzle turned momentarily heavier, my good lady donned her poncho… which did more to protect her from the flying beer than the few drops of rain that fell!

OK… enough for now. I think I’ll do a few more posts in the week… showing some of the other attractions… but for now, here’s a shot of our near-neighbours living it up!

PS – I’ll share a few songs on tomorrow’s Tuesday Tunes post… promise!

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