Tuesday Tunes – Mumford & Sons at Malahide 2019

Yesterday, I shared all about our happy little trip on Saturday evening… so, today I’ll just share photos and a few songs.

I was surprised at just how quickly actual footage from the concerts appeared on The Tube… within hours. However, I’ll rather give you some of the more sanitised Tube tunes… less background noise!

Look at the number of views… staggering! Well deserved too… they are great performers and really worked the crown well!

There you have it… some photos and a few of their most played and best loved songs! (Sorry… I inserted the “clean” version here…)

Just by the way… I’ll be playing a few M&S’s songs this evening… so, feel free to join me… click here, or on the SBT Radio logo just below the banner tabs…

PS – I’ll do a few more posts later in the week… I have to show you some of the other scenes… like this one. These ladies were in need of warmth… so they donned their heavy duty coats!

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