Thursday Thought – Lucky… or Not?

The other day, I found a four-leaf clover. Only one four-leaf among hundreds, if not thousands, of three-leaf specimens. So, am I lucky? The question got me thinking and reminded me that I have previously found a four-leaf clover… and even posted about it. Yep, look here… that post was way back in 2014… I kid you not!

If I sit down and share all the less-than-lucky experiences I’ve had since my 2014 discovery it should put pay to any thought of riding the wave of luck toward paradise. OK, before I continue… I’m not really complaining… but, I’ve not won the lotto… I’ve not sold millions of copies of my books, I’ve not discovered gold or diamonds.

But hey, the family has expanded… since 2014 we’ve added to our collection of jewels… and our ever expanding tribe of little people has brought much mirth and joy. So, yes… finding another four-leaf clover has reminded me to say thanks… and be grateful for what I have!

PS – If you’re wondering – yes, I picked the leaf… impulsive, I know. Now it resides in my wallet… neatly tucked away between a folded scrap of paper… that contains a set of lotto numbers…

PPS – No, the numbers haven’t been useful… yet.

PPPS – If you don’t believe me about the leaves I’ve found… click back to the other post… you’ll see the difference!

PPPPS – If you want to know more about the chances of finding your own lucky leaf… do click here to visit the WikiP page…

PPPPPS – May Lady Serendipity frown favourably upon me – I mean… she knew to point the leaf in my direction…

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1 Response to Thursday Thought – Lucky… or Not?

  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Lucky you🍀


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