Wednesday’s Wondering’s – Peace, Love and… Hate!?

I was doing just fine with Mrs Wayfarer’s questions until I got to this one:

  • What blog (and whose blog is it) inspired you to take action? 

I baulked at answering the question (hence last Wednesday’s wordless post) because it seems to me that if I offer a vaguely controversial answer, or make a statement, there are people who will attack me for my views. Not too long ago I was accused of being “right-winged”. The thing is, these day, when someone accuses you of being right-wing, basically what the accuser is saying is that you are a Nazi. (I’m thinking… these are usually people who know little about history…)

I take offence at any such accusation… especially when that accusation comes from a left-leaning (read here marxist inspired) ideological, virtue signalling individual. There’s only one thing I abhor more than a Nazi… that’s a marxist – in all its guises or offshoots. Just in case you’re wondering why, if you could, just ask the tens of millions of folk killed in the name of this ideology. Or, why not ask those dumped in abject misery because of tyrannical socialist/ communist/ marxist rule. Now I bet, schools don’t teach about this these days… history is glossed over, to suit the so-called progressive left ideology.

OK, so… here’s my take on any and all ideology – if the supporters of said ideology want to curtail my free speech or attack me for differing with their opinion… they can go impale themselves on their leaders’ bits. End of story. I will always fight for my freedom of expression… and by the way, so should you! Don’t allow yourself to be herded into a little conformist pen by the identity politics crowd. Stop being a victim… start being the master of your own individual future!

At times, I have lived life as a victim… so, get over it and fight your way out of the hole… better yourself, in dignified ways. Educate yourself, make human progress, by that I mean… learn, experience and grow intellectually… and show your children the difference between right and wrong. There is only one way to grow and develop… that’s by asking questions and doing research – by challenging pseudo-science and dogma.

Just by the way… if you’re screaming hate at me… you need to ask yourself why? Is it because I’ve toughed a raw nerve or is it because I’m challenging your lies? On the other-hand, you may want to ask a few legitimate questions of your own. If you do it in a civilised, dignified way I will know that you are a free thinker, open to debate and not coming at me because you think it your duty to silence me.

Phew… how’s that for stirring the pot, just a tad? Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve spelled marxist using lowercase… that’s to demonstrate my abhorrence. So, have I answered Mrs Wayfarer’s question? Maybe… maybe not! You can decide for yourself… me, I’d rather not give examples… because I don’t really like chipping people off. However, I do like delving for the truth… maybe so should you!

What this post has had me doing is creating a fresh new page… I’ll develop it as time goes by. I’ll place the tab next to the “Our Health” tab above. On the health page I also ask many questions and share truth – about stuff that affects our daily health. Seems apt to place them together, as it’s difficult to fight for our physical health rights while some ideological clap-trap wants to claim our brains and steal our right to free speech!

Call to action? While I’m on the roll… can you imagine the added hate that will come my way if I confess to be a believing Christian? Right haters… now it’s my turn to challenge you – how dare you accuse me for my beliefs, if all you can do is regurgitate murderous political dogma and propaganda?!

The day Carbon Dioxide becomes toxic will be the day I will fall into line… until then, I will keep questioning lies and fake science… because, as an unique individual, it’s my God given right! If you’re wondering, CO2 toxic = unequivocal proof of human death by natural CO2 ingestion or exhalation… simple!

Phew again… good luck, have fun! Happy hump day!

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