Monday’s Media Malaise…

I’ve been in communication with Hester who operates from the realm of never winter. Yep… down there in the subtropical KZ Natal, on the east coast of South Africa! Hester and family join me on the odd occasion, when I’m doing live sessions over at my other media outlet… Sandbag Times Radio. 

Now… it seems some phones or networks don’t like mobile phones using the app. Here’s an image Hester sent along. Note the message on the lower portion of the snip… all about memory…

I’m wondering all sorts of things… but mostly… that well meaning message is right over the PLAY ▶ button – obscuring the thing so folk can’t get the live stream sound going! Now… that makes me wonder more, are there any other issues with the mobile app? Won’t you please let me know – because, I’d really like to get a good thing going…

An issue my good lady pointed out, when the app loads the PLAY ▶ button takes it’s time… so folk scroll down to look for it and miss it. These are all frustrating mobile users – and making me wonder about technology! Now… I have to add… I steam live on my laptop… I’m not fond of phones – so, I don’t realise folks on mobile are having issues.

OK… enough of that! I was going to do a Monday Mono post… with a difference. I’ll leave you to see how well mono fits this photo… my favourite colour combination, I’ll add!

Happy Monday… do have a bright and colourful week… and if you want to brighten my week, join me while I play great music… I’d love to have you chatting along…

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1 Response to Monday’s Media Malaise…

  1. Ek sal more weer kom kyk of ek inkom


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