Dinsdag Dinge aka Tuesday Things…

OK… let me begin at the beginning. I fear I’m busy picking a big fat stick for my own back with this post! You see… last week sometime I left a comment over at one of my South African friends’ blogs. I can’t remember who? Anyhow… it was something about me visiting their blogs and introducing them to other bloggers. Now the stick I’m talking about…

Bloggers, as you know… come and go. So… I’m bound to miss someone… or maybe even worse still… say the wrong thing about someone… something about all my South African blog buddies being docile… easy going bores. I may even say some of them are ja-broers… that translates roughly to yes-brothers. I may even say some of them agree just for the sake of agreeing… and that they are really mostly shrinking violets… boring sorts, most of them.

There may also be a few other revelations I could make that would go down like a pound of Kruger coins. I mean… we’re South Africans… we won’t do lead balloons… especially when we have so much wealth there in good old SA. But hey, I should’ve by now convinced you that the bunch of folk there in the south are a tribe of push-overs. So… where do I begin? Who would I incriminate first?

I think it just right to throw Hester’s name in again. I have a funny feeling that my meeting with this lady, some years ago, during one of those April A to Z thingies may well have been the catalyst for many other meetings. I mean… this lady really knows how to conform. She’s the virtual model of sainthood! She’s even been know to offer up the other foot’s toes if you stand on the other one… you get my drift, I hope!

Anyway… Hester lives in an awful dump down by the sea… so, let’s do a rapid withdrawal to the north… where we’ll meet a few more ladies. Actually… quite a few. Let me introduce Perdebytjie… (translate that to the endearing term for wasp.) I have yet to fathom why someone would be called a wasp? For those who are interested… I suggest you ask this rather meek and mild lady to tell you about all the evils of climate change and the massive impact CO2 is having on the planet.

OK… there’s Vuurvliegie … quick translation, firefly. I think… just my humble opinion, that Firefly denotes someone lost… without direction, easily swayed and equally easily cornered. Yes… that about defines our firefly.

Oukei… dis Dinsdag… so, ons moet so ‘n bietjie die tone roer, of way sê ek?

Maar kyk… ek sal nou eers ‘n bietjie moet wegbreek hier en terug na die verre noorde… Ierland se ooskus.

Yep… I’m now going off on a different tangent. I have to. It’s summer here in Ireland… that means we can occasionally take our shoes off and walk barefoot. So, just to prove my point… I took this pic while wriggling my toes in the sand… mmm… pebbles.

As you may well notice… I stripped almost naked… rolling the tracksuit pants up to just below the knees. OK… back to reality… back to those meek and mild ladies in the far south. I have many more tales to tell… and other bloggers to introduce… so, please don’t be offended if you didn’t get your mention today… volgende Dinsdag is nog ‘n dag – ek belowe!!

OH… one more tit-bit I need to share… Hester’s family are all push-overs too… her husband is, by all accounts, the least popular person in their village… and the children… well, they obviously take after their subservient parents. Some days I wonder… who beat whom into submission?

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6 Responses to Dinsdag Dinge aka Tuesday Things…

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Hehe! Toemaar ek het nou jou blog raakgelees! Ek is perdebytjie want my angel is giftig en skerp,as mense my verkeerd opvryf!
    Oor aardverhitting….mmmm nou ja..Al Gore het die Noorweegse ysbreker gemis, wat ‘n maand gelede vasgesit het naby die Noordpool, op ‘n vaart om te gaan kyk hoe die ys gesmelt het…lol!


  2. I saw the word “docile” and wondered what language you speak these days, because there’s no such adjective in SA. Nonetheless, I was eager to see who these disruptive people are. 😀 😀 Brilliant introductions, AJ.

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  3. HesterLeyNel says:

    😳🤔😇🤣 Vossie, that link is pointing to my blog. Maybe you want to rectify that error. You had me worried for a while.
    P.S. I Love the summer tan

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You mistake me for a dragonfly…..🤣

    Liked by 1 person

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