Wednesday’s Wondering’s – Let’s Laugh About It…

OK… I’ve reached the last of Mrs Wayfarers questions. I have really enjoyed tackling the questions and giving straight answers. I have also ruffled a few feathers along the way… including being likened to a nazi in the comments of my first post in the series. So… because I believe Western Values are under constant attack these days I will answer Mrs Wayfarer’s last question first, namely,

  • If you had the power to change anything in the world right now, what would it be? 

If I had the power, I’d stop the HATE! It seems, those who play the identity politics game have aligned themselves with each ridiculous cause on the planet… and they spew HATE in everything they do! If you believe that CO2 is NOT TOXIC, you are shouted down, usually in a hurtful way. If you are proud of your past and beliefs you are usually called a racist… or a bigot, or a Nazi. Sad, really sad, especially when you take into consideration that the name-callers are often hardly out of school and don’t have the foggiest clue about 20th century history.

Flip… here I go again! There is something seriously wrong with society when FREE Speech is attacked, when your rights to question lies is challenged by weak arguments and hate. I give you an example – I love meat and healthy eating. I have reasons for doing so… I reversed my Type 2 Diabetes by going Low Card, Healthy FAT… and then you have vegans trying to shout you down because they wrongfully believe that they are right in propagating their dogma.

HATE, it seems to be their weapon of choice… like all the other social justice warriors out there… if they cannot force their narrow-minded, angst ridden lies on you they revert to their only strategy – to hatefully shout you down. It amounts to each and every minority getting the right to dictate the course of events… and these days, government policy!

Case in point… the government of the day in the country where I live, have legislated for the “climate emergency” we’re experiencing… and in the process they’re forcing an unjust carbon tax on the meek and mild taxpayers… WRONG!

OK… I’ll leave it there… before some neo-marxist tries to call me a nazi, again. Just by the way, my retort when called a nazi is to ask them to quantify the death/ murder/ torture/ maiming/ starvation /ect/ ect that has been committed in the name of the sick marxist ideology.

Yes, I’ve waffled on… and maybe even ranted just a little… but hey, I value my right to free speech and the fact that I CAN and WILL make a difference. Just ask my grandkids. So, back to the question. I will stop HATE… and ask, before you open your mouth, look objectively at the other side of the coin… you may learn something about the values of free speech… and truth.

  • When was the last time you laughed so hard you had tears in your eyes? 

Phew… now I’ll relate a wee tale that still has me (and other friends and family) rolling! Please, this is not at all at the expense of my good lady because she has laughed with us… and now appreciates life just a little more!

My good lady’s hearing has deteriorated to such a degree that it was recommended that hearing aids would help her better appreciate life. Now… on the other-hand – it seems I have the opposite problem – hyperacusis! Yes… our hearing ability is at the opposite end of the spectrum, so for years my good lady didn’t understand why I complained so about excessive noise! Especially high pitched noise!

So… last week was fitting day and the fun began on the way home. I will admit… I had belly ache from all the laughing during that trip! The astounding realisation that things I take for granted were like new experiences for her! Simple things… like water running or the car’s indicator sounds. She was totally surprised that the flashers made noise when selected! I laughed… and laughed when she heard the birds outside the car while we were driving. She heard the road noises but the indicators confounded her. So I wondered aloud, did she not remember back when she could hear better that car’s indicators made noise… yes she said, but she thought modern cars had dispensed with the noise…

OH well, we live and learn! I’m still laughing… but the best was yet to come. Day two of the new ears, as I call them. The good lady went off to do a round of grand-kid minding, darling duty, as it’s known in our house. I usually do only small bits because the noise gets to me very quickly. So, on the day I phoned an hour or so later, to enquire how the new ears were coping.

“No… I took them out… far too noisy to cope with!”

I’m still laughing – we’re all still laughing! The new ears didn’t stay in for thirty minutes! Fact!

PS – Here’s the cation for the top photo… just in case you were wondering about the pic…

Cool clouds… just another green-house gas. When will the SJW’s try to tax it???

OK… so, here’s the caption for the lower pic, taken on the way home after “the fitting…”

On the way home… listening to the flowers grow! The rose among the foxgloves!!

Last but not least… do visit Mrs Wayfarer’s blog… and have a look-see at her Q&A session. I enjoyed answering the questions but I’m not doing the challenge. If you should feel like answering the questions, I’d love to know… thanks again! Yes… I love the odd rant… but not that often!

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  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    Ja, dis moeilik om deesdae ‘n simpel opinie uit te spreek sonder dat iemand jou kop afruk. Dit voel gedurig asof ek op eiers loop.

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