Wednesday’s Wondering? A Daily Diary? Why Knot?

Yes… a knotty subject – personal diaries. Knotty indeed. But, why? Because – I may have to tell you things about real life – not some of the fiction I occasionally post here in the land of OMBH!

So… why do a daily “life” diary? Indeed, why? I mean… my blog has long claimed to be daily diary of life… as witnessed by the strap-line above the blog’s banner –

Life according to one of life’s truly gifted naturally born wafflers… an open diary of a Saffer in a different land… life in the greater Dublin & Leinster area. 

So, what’s different here? Well, just days ago I got into a chat with Hester about making biltong and to do so, I have to build a biltong box! This is a project that is verrrry long in coming! I have, for years nagged that I want to make my own biltong. The stuff ain’t cheap and we have to drive quite far to get some… otherwise we have to get it delivered… and, just by the way, did I mention the stuff isn’t too cheap? OK… so, what’s the idea with the daily life diary? Well, Hester did a month’s worth of “life” diary posts so, why don’t I do so too?

OK… more later about biltong and other projects – for now, a bit of reality! I have to confess – I’ve been medically unfit for full-time work for a while. Really frustrating when it comes to the euros and cents bits of life. However, there are positives, like doing things that I’ve often had to put on the long-finger.

I’ll add a caveat – the medical condition is exacerbated by driving or even sometimes sleeping wrong – neck injuries can deteriorate and with time, so have all my spinal injuries – now combining to cause debilitating side effects, often leaving me so drained that it takes two days to feel vaguely human again. No, I’m not looking for sympathy or advice… I’m only explaining why I have to be careful in everything physical I do.

One day all will be well, I’ll do a few bits – like sawing some wood or pulling a few weeds – then, the next day I’ll try the same thing and something will click in the neck… and within a few hours I’ll be flat – left side lame and aching more than usual. OK, now you know… that’s the end of it, no further mention… apart from the fact that you should ALWAYS report work injuries in the correct fashion – yes, do so… because you never know how your body will react years later to bone bruising impacts.

So, for today, I’ll begin by showing you a photo or two of a project that set me off on a path of happy discovery and fun! I’ve been the proud owner of a mitre saw for years. It was a Christmas gift from my good lady and remained in it’s box… because I never really had place to use it – or the desire to do so! It moved from storage to storage until earlier this year, it came home – no, not to roost. So… in preparation for the South African day that passed in early May, I coaxed it out of hibernation, made a rough and ready work station and fired it up… and proceeded to build frames for a few large canvasses.

OK, so… what’s the moral of the story? Maybe just nothing – but you’ll have to keep visiting as I continue this random month’s “life” diary. Yep, as Hester suggested in her intro post… there are times when one begins wondering about it all… especially after hitting the magic six-0… and all the thoughts and ideas going with that!

Just by the way… the amount of thought-hours I put into the two pieces of “art” was really not rewarded by the end result – but hey, we suffer in the name of art, don’t we? I learned many lessons about the whole process… and will one day, do it all over again – using the lessens to get better results! I trust!

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10 Responses to Wednesday’s Wondering? A Daily Diary? Why Knot?

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  2. HesterLeyNel says:

    Maar daardie dae wat jy wel uit die bed uit kom, waai jou vlag hoog en kry jy dinge gedoen. Ek is baie beïndruk met jou kunswerke. En jou ondernemingsgees. I’m looking forward to your daily musings – all this thinking about the meaning of life is making me tired; I can use some help 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • aj vosse says:

      Dankie… gelukkig kan ek darem meestal op wees… soos ‘n regop vrot vel…
      Ek laaik om dinge te doen… maak my kop werk! Ek dink party keer dis die plannietjies wat ek moet maak om die gereedskap te kan gebruik wat die grootste pret is!!
      Yep… you an me… we’ll sort the meaning of life out!! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Una says:

    Ek hou van jou kunswerk!


    • aj vosse says:

      Dankie… die twee stukke het nie te lekker gewerk nie – ek dink ek gaan hulle altwee kleiner sny, en net die mooiste hou. Van die ander het baie beter uitgekom! 😉


  4. de Wets Wild says:

    Ons het ook al n paar keer om die baan gewees met die rugstories – slipped discs, pinched nerves, etc. Daardie dae wat die pyn nie so vlak is nie is min maar baie spesiaal!

    Liked by 1 person

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