Life Diary – Day 1 – Books Can Sail!

WoW… you may ask why things happen in a specific order but I’m a firm believer in reasons for happenings. Yesterday I did a “top of the head” post about why I wanted to do this month of “life” diary posts. One thing that struck me was that I wan’t starting the series at the beginning of a new month… just beginning! There is one very specific reason for my decision to begin now… but I won’t share that just yet… you’ll have to wait a few weeks for the reason to become apparent.

However, I have a lot of ideas… they get me going… as the second part of the strap-line above attests…

Blogging since 2011 – My quests fuel my dreams… my dreams fuel my quests!!

I believe, the idea and subsequent planning of a simple project, is the biggest part of the project – OK, blame the project manager/ engineer in me for that but the mental stimulation is the joy of it! I have a few projects in the planning or progress so you can read into that that I’m having endless days of fun! However, yesterday Lady Serendipity called around unexpectedly.

I was out walking – boat-spotting, as I do on occasion. I was lucky to see an arriving yacht and then to chat with the owners. And so… another little project got a wee nudge forward. Yep, this is a tame endeavour… a plan to get a few copies of my short story collections around the world! I may never make the trip but some part of me left Arklow on it’s way south and into the wide beyond!

Now, I will note… this little plan has been ongoing – I’ve handed out quite a few copies of my books to passing seafarers. To date I’ve not had any feedback but this time it is different! Eva and Joakim are excited to be part of my endeavour and I have them to thank for taking me at face value when we met… and also for being instrumental in bringing positive results to another one of my ideas!

So… that’s my “dear diary” entry for today… apart from mentioning that I will record the saga and have opened a new page  below the banner… as shown on the pic below! Join me… follow their travels, both here and at their own blog… Sailing Amiga

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4 Responses to Life Diary – Day 1 – Books Can Sail!

  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    There they go sailing around the world: your thoughts, your words, your ideas – what a wonderful idea to send them on this journey.

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  2. Bon voyage, boeke!

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