Life Diary – Day 3 – Saturday Song

Some of you may know I play the role of internet radio rock DJ… yep, living the dream, I am!

So… here’s the sequence…

  • Monday to Friday – 18h00 BST – you’ll find me playing good stuff.
  • Then on Saturday mornings from about 08h30 IST I’ll reach out again!

The basic motto is By Veterans – For Veterans. Yep, the folk at Sandbag Times have given me the opportunity to let rip… playing music I love… and I know many others appreciate. I’ve not long been at the radio thing – call me a raw rookie. But the thing is, the music I play is cool groovy boogie so even when I really boo-boo you can ignore me…. but not the good vibes!

What’s with the idea of the Saturday Song post? To fill you in that I’m now reaching out to folk who would mostly be asleep or at work when I do the Monday to Friday shows. Yep, the folk in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand are either enjoying their brunch or afternoon braais and can feel free to boogie along to the music.

SBT Radio

All you need to do click on the link… and join me! Thanks. The good folk in the US of A and Canada can sit up late night… why not? I mean… when I begin on a Saturday morning it may still be Friday evening where you are… so, feel free to join in, won’t you?

Life dairy, how does this post fit in with my current blogging endeavour? Easy… yesterday afternoon we visited this young lad, our youngest grandson, and he didn’t disappoint. He loves the blues… so, I left feeling vindicated… I must have done something right somewhere along the way!

Yep… he has the bare chest… the moves and even the jump. All he now needs is the long hair… a few groupies and a band manager. Anyway, I can’t call the post Saturday Song without leaving you with one. Here’s one I discovered just this week, thanks to Jim, a fellow SBT Radio DJ’s.

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8 Responses to Life Diary – Day 3 – Saturday Song

  1. Cute… aard hy na oupa?

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  2. Awe, that young lad is too cute for words! 👌🏽😀

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  3. Ag my moeder – hierdie ouma sal hom sommer opvreet!

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