Life Diary – Day 4 – Silent Sunday? No… Not Today!

Yesterday, while doing my Saturday morning show, we got news of another farm attack in South Africa. So what, you may ask? So lots! That’s why you’re not getting a Silent Sunday post today. I cannot keep silent forever to what’s happening in my country of birth!

Yesterday morning early the attackers struck, under the cover of darkness. Fortunately the outcome of the attack wasn’t what these attacks usually result in – the brutal murder and mutilation of the victims. The last news we received was that the folk involved are doing OK. The husband underwent hours of surgery and made it through the ordeal. The wife only injured herself in the pandemonium of the attack, falling in the dark.

Yep, I agree… not great reading on a Sunday morning! However, when I tell you that the folk involved are known to us, them maybe you’ll understand why I’ve decided that I need to say something. Violence in South Africa is the norm, the ruling classes there turn a blind eye. I will liken what is happening in SA to what has happened in Venezuela. When you allow socialism and marxism to take over the greater masses are left to suffer much more than necessary.

This is what is so alarming about the rise of neo-marxism and leftest victim ideology in the once free West. Great swathes of Europe are falling under more and more control by the autocratic, non-elected elite who decide what is best for their populations.

When you remove individual freedom, anarchy spreads. The governing types use this tool to keep the general population confused and suppressed. Turn a blind eye to the chaos… and blame the results on some past grievance that never had remotely similar outcomes.

Journalists have tried to highlight the atrocities in SA, to little avail. The West doesn’t care three shites what happens in the once prosperous South Africa. I have often wondered about it all. I’ll give you one example… Sweden, that beckon of peace, love and social liberty, they supported the ANC and other “anti-apartheid” communist leaning, terrorist organisations. Now, where the hell are they? They poured hundreds of millions into those organisations… and now, silence. Dare they admit their mistake(s)… dare they say they backed corruption and helped install a skewed, murderous ideology? I ask you… dare they?

So… I break my Sunday silence… and ask… why isn’t the western world asking about the misery, corruption, death, pestilence, murder and mutilation that is now commonplace in South Africa? The worst part of it is that so many well-meaning South Africans say they are OK with what’s happening – I fear, denial and leftest ideology has them confused… or silenced.

OK, I’m lucky… I don’t live in the country… and although I would love to live there, my circumstance doesn’t allow for me to do so. However, because I don’t live there, I know just how lucky I am. We don’t have to live in constant fear… fear of being raped… assaulted or mutilated. Fear of wondering, almost daily, just what will become of your loved ones when the attack comes. FEAR! Yes, I’m blessed!

But… even though we don’t live there we still live with a degree of fear. We, from our fortunate position, fear for our loved ones back there. Yesterday we were drawn a whole lot closer to that fear… again! The folk I mentioned earlier… they are close to two of our daughters and granddaughters. My ex-wife and her husband… distant yet important… yep, they were the victims.

Silent Sunday? No… I think I’ll be using the next few Sundays to speak up…

Update: 18 Aug 2019 at 09h24 – It has just dawned on me, today is my ex-wife’s birthday… what a way to spend it – may God’s grace be with you both!

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7 Responses to Life Diary – Day 4 – Silent Sunday? No… Not Today!

  1. perdebytjie says:

    So jammer om te hoor van julle familie se aaklige ondervinding. Ek het lankal nie meer woorde nie. Laat ek jou vertel wat met meeste van ons gebeur…ons raak heeltemal gedesensiteerd en ek is nie eers meer geskok as ek soiets hoor nie. Ek sê net “ag siestog, dis verskriklik ” en gaan aan met my lewe.Soms bedoel ek dit nie eers nie. Dis wat gebeur om jouself teen emosionele trauma te beskerm. Ek weet dit klink verskriklik ongevoelig, maar dis ‘n sielundige ding. Mens kan nie emosioneel betrokke raak by elke ding nie. Dis hoe ek dit hanteer en ek dink baie ander Suid-Afrikaners ook.


  2. de Wets Wild says:

    Ek is so jammer om te hoor wat met jul uitgebreide familie gebeur het, A.J. Ons hou hul en jul in ons gebede en glo hul fisieke wonde sal vinnig en volkome genees. En met God se Genade ook die emosiele sere.

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  3. If it weren’t for this post I wouldn’t have even known about it. The silence of the media I guess. Very disturbing and sad news to hear. I thought things were better in SA. I will dig deeper to learn more. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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