Life Diary – Day 6 – Dinsdag Dinge…

I’ve really been errant in my commitment to continue my introduction to fellow South African bloggers, irrespective of where in the world they may find themselves. Having said that, let me note too… these days you’ll find South Africans scattered around the globe… I occasionally refer to it as the SA Diaspora. There are many reasons why you find Saffers abroad… like in our case, opportunity knocked – we came and even though I often dream of returning to my country of birth, my family have taken that decision out of my hands. So, as I don’t want to return alone, I stay. But hey… this post shouldn’t be about me, it should be an introduction to fellow SA bloggers.

Having said that, Tannie Frannie, the first lady I’d like to introduce today, she knows all about the reasons for the diaspora. Yep, she visits her family in Ireland. But she also has family in the good ol’ US of A. Yep, the age of travel is well upon us now. The last time Tannie Frannie visited Ireland we didn’t get to meet up… maybe next time? Her family lives in Co Donegal so I’ll jog her memory with a photo of that great county!

My next guest also knows about the joys of living in the northern hemisphere! I recall reading somewhere that Khaya came north for love. Yep, what we won’t do for love! OK… Khaya is a poet and a writer but mostly, this lady is a friend! I will never forget her kind words after she read one of my short stories. That positive, supportive advice pushed me over the edge… from hesitance to action. That particular story, The Old Man and the Fish, is part of my first collection of short stories you can find on Amazon. Yep, if the story was good enough for Khaya to enjoy it would be good enough for others to enjoy!

Khaya lives in Finland… in the snow! Well, only sometimes… in more snow than most South Africans will see in a lifetime, she sees in an average Finnish spring! But… the good lady hails from the SA’s Eastern Cape… the same region where I spent most of my adult life, before coming to Ireland. From SA to Europe and a few stops in between… we Saffers get around these days! There are positives too… we learn about new cultures and we learn about expanding our mental horizons.

OK, to tie that in with the Life Diary sequence… blogging is an integral part of my life and has been so for almost eight and a half years of daily posts – and to me, that means friendship. So, even though I fall out of love with blogging at times, I don’t fall out of love with my friends!

So… why don’t I leave you with a cool song from a long time ago?

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10 Responses to Life Diary – Day 6 – Dinsdag Dinge…

  1. Goodness me, how did I miss this wonderful post! Vossie you are kind, I thank you for your support always. Much appreciated.

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  3. HesterLeyNel says:

    Ek ken Tannie Frannie ook al ‘n lang tyd. Lieflike wese. Mooi fotos.

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  4. Awww, dankie vir die bekendstelling, AJ! Daar is nog ‘n ander hartsgesin in die buiteland: my broer en sy mense in Nieu-Seeland. Soms raak die verlange baie erg…

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    • aj vosse says:

      Sjoe… al hoe verder! Sterkte met die verlange!
      Ja, ek weet hoe julle voel, ek het ‘n kind in Oz, een in SA en een in die VSA… en natuurlik al my familie in SA!

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  5. Thanks for all these lovely introductions! I’ll have to go look them up!

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