Life Diary – Day 11 – Semi-Silent Sunday

I took the diary day off yesterday… but, as I broke my Sunday silence last week I thought I’ll do a semi-silent post today. Semi-silent? Yep… I want to raise the point that the violence in South Africa is potentially out of control. The so-called government really does not care… even if those suffering voted for them. The rape, murder, brutal assaults, sickness, poverty, corruption and all-round bad management of public resources is nothing to be ignored.

I will ask again, just where are the European supporters of the apartheid era terrorist organisations now? Why are they so quiet? Why have they forsaken their principles? Why has the west allowed the ever-increasing decay to continue unchallenged? I mean… the very vocal opposition to apartheid and the critics’ support for the masses… what’s happened to all of that fervour??  Why aren’t those now mostly mute loud mouths asking questions? Surely the dilemma caused by the people they helped into power needs challenging… surely there must be some form of accountability? I mean… they helped ex-terrorists into Volvo’s and power, took the money and ran… far!

OK… that’s enough questions for today. However, my questions needs an audience… we, looking on from afar, owe it to the folk back there… we need to make others aware. So… I’ll leave you with some beauty… to help dull the pain!

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3 Responses to Life Diary – Day 11 – Semi-Silent Sunday

  1. dromer777 says:

    Thanks the world must know what is going on here. But do they care…?😥

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  2. perdebytjie says:

    Voel party dae of ek wil huil, maar ons moet maar aangaan. Ek moes op antidepressante gaan om te “cope” met alles hier. Ek probeer die mooi raaksien, maar dis soms bitter moeilik.
    Ek wonder ook waar is die res van die skreeubekke, wat nou swyg oor wat hier aangaan. Dis polities onkorrek om iets te sê.


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