Life Diary – Day 13 – Dinsdag Dinge – Traditions

I’ll change today’s Dinsdag Dinge post just a little – I won’t introduce other South African bloggers – but rather a few of our eating habits. There are quite a few influences in South African food traditions. European, eastern and Indian being strong contenders. The climate and outdoors has had a massive impact on what we eat and when.

The melting pot of cultures plus the abundant supply of Ma Nature added to the mix. You’ll find dishes that include European and oriental flavours – plus simple African products that include strong tastes. Venison, marine harvests, and indigenous fruits all add additional twists. Then, there’s the cooking methods.

South Africans braai! We don’t BBQ. Simple. The difference? A mindset thing… and, as I often joke when asked the difference… when you BBQ you put superstore porkers and food factory processed hamburger patties on the coals… and wait for all the hydrogenated, unhealthy fats to explode into action… lighting the affair like a flaming torch – incinerating what goes for meat. Yes… when you BBQ you stand the chance of landing in hospital with third degree burns… or setting the shed on fire.

So… when you braai, you put real meat on the coals. Inch thick steaks… juicy lamb/ mutton chops or ribs. Pork chops, the fat left to add flavour. Then, there’s great seafood – fish, prawns of crayfish/ lobster to throw on the coals. Gosh, I’m salivating!

OK… I’ll ease off on the salivation – only to ask a favour of all my South African friends… I’m looking for wors and biltong recipes, please! The simpler, the better! (All will soon be revealed – I promise…)

So, to tie today’s post up… here’s a super summer’s tune… one that begs a beach braai! Soon, I promise… again!

Yes, you guessed… my first YouTube effort! The music is thanks to Pablo Snow, the Hairy Spare Rib, backed by Eddie and the Sand Sharks! For those of you who are wondering, Pablo is the man behind Sandbag Times Radio and magazine…

SBT Radio

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2 Responses to Life Diary – Day 13 – Dinsdag Dinge – Traditions

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Ongelukkig ken ek geen resepte nie…eet maar net altyd lekker saam as daar gebraai word.


  2. de Wets Wild says:

    Ja-Nee, n braai gaan oor die vleis, en amper nog meer oor die kuier! n Braai is n “event”, nie n ete nie

    Liked by 1 person

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