Thursday Thought – WordPress Joining Climate Propaganda Ranks?

Well, I dread this… I dread that I have to take on WordPress – because they have now joined the mass media climate propaganda ranks! I’m sure you all received the mail sent on by Jack Lenox titled Join us in a Digital Climate Strike (dd 12 SEP 2019). This sort of thing reminds me of encouraging children to skip school… also to promote the causes of fake science. Instead, rather encourage the teachers to pursue debate and truth… and not brainwash them!

Those who know me know I don’t believe in the hype… and I will continue to speak out as best I can – here’s the comment I placed for that post!

Stop spreading propaganda!

WordPress has been a fantastic blogging platform… don’t get dragged into this bull!
If you can answer these questions truthfully I may consider joining in… but, as I said… truthfully!

‘One… you say we must fight climate change – how do you suggest we fight something that’s been happening since the dawn of time?
— Two… you’re on about the rapid increase in the earth’s temperature – please tell us what you suggest the optimum temperature for the should be?
— Three… people, plants and CO2 are inextricably linked – how do you suppose vilifying an essential element for life on earth will help humankind?’

I’ll support you if you get a campaign going against pollution… but not if you spew the trash mass media want us to fall for! Fight pollution… of body, mind and soul!

I really don’t need to say more… apart from asking you to research and find facts… don’t believe the mass media skewed agendas… ask questions, educate yourself!

PS – I didn’t really want to add a link to the WordPress post… but freedom of expression is just that… giving access to the other man’s information too. However, if you like to see a bit more of my take on things… feel free to visit my Our World page… fun!

NOTE: When I last looked… the WordPress moderator(s) hadn’t bothered to approve my comment. I fear… silencing genuine comments is not freedom’s way of encouraging free speech!

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