Tuesday Tune – Walking…

Our last afternoon in New York City – Manhattan. We walked from Grand Central, where we enjoyed a bite… via a number of different streets to Times Square and on to the bus terminal.

Soon after setting off, Lou Reed’s classic jumped into my head! I wonder why? Anyway, I can’t resist using his classic as the music, please forgive me – thanks Lou! NOTE: I acknowledge that the copyright belongs to him… but I’m sure, by me using the track, it will only enhance his image! Thanks again Lou!

Toward the end my head began spinning… as you’ll notice! I included a few subliminal moments after we joined the bus queue… and our trip to the airport… DRAT! We’ll be back… BIG promise!!

Just in case you’re wondering about the subliminal moments… the books, my books… took a trip to NYC, just for the fun of it! You can find them on Amazon… search AJ Vosse… ta!

PS – See if you can spot a few of the New York moments that inspired the video? Do leave a comment on the YouTube video too please… I’m trying to build a channel and your help will be great!

PPS – That photo… you’ll soon be hearing more about it too… promise!

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4 Responses to Tuesday Tune – Walking…

  1. New York Public Library and Bryant Park behind it. Cool video


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks… yep, well spotted – I bet you occasionally long for the place but yes, I also get the part of get out of NY before it makes you hard!! 😉


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