Thursday Thought – Carbon Calamity – How DARE YOU!?

Greetings fellow carbon constituent creatures! Yes… you read right! I’ve done just a bit of pilfering over at Wiki-P… just to prove a point! Here’s the link to their page on the matter of carbon as a constituent of the human body… read for yourself if you don’t believe me! Also, I have “lifted” the very illustrative diagram from that page… to emphasise what I am attempting to show.

So… may I wonder (aloud) what all the fuss is about carbon? I’ll suggest that the control freaks haven’t quite worked out that we are all carriers of this dreaded toxin. No, maybe they have… that’s why they’re demanding we pay a carbon tax? I’m just a little perturbed though… people don’t seem to want to ask questions about the subject… rather they believe all the hype… but don’t believe me, do your own research, come-on…


Also… it seems only the western world is burdened with the carbon load… or am I wrong? OK… just before you shout the latest buzz phrase at me, I’ll mouth it at you…


Yes… like the whim of the wind with the dandelion fluff… so the prophets of false doom will have their ideas blown away… I mean, the truth should set us free… eventually!

OK… here’s you entertainment for the day… the lighter moment… with a message.

Right… before you go off half-cocked at me… follow the whole thread posted on the last few Thursdays… and also visit the above Our World page. And, as always, educate yourself… it is your responsibility to find the truth… not that young girl’s to brainwash you!

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2 Responses to Thursday Thought – Carbon Calamity – How DARE YOU!?

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Ai Vossie, ek raak baie bekommerd oor waarheen hierdie ding gaan lei. In Nederland wil hulle beesboere se kuddes met vyftig persent verminder…hongersnood gaan mense in die gesig staar. Ek sien die Nederlandse boere het met hul trekkers ‘n optog gehou na den Haag, met ellelange verkeersknope. Hulle is keelvol vir die besigheid. Een trekker het ‘n inskripsie opgehad…”How dairy you”. Die groot probleme soos besoedeling en verwoesting van die omgewing behoort eerder die aandag te kry!

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    • aj vosse says:

      Ek stem! Ja… ek sien daai oor die trekkers… Farming Fascism… Ek stem ook oor die besoedeling… dis hoekom ek aan die einde die links insluit… want dis wat ek aanhoudent sê…
      fight pollution, of body, mind and soul!

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