Thursday Thoughts – Climate Change vs Personal Change

Who remembers the climate cooling Apocalypse warnings of the seventies? No? You too young?

Debunking Inside Climate’s “5 Shades of Climate Denial ...

This image stayed with me for a very long time… until I worked out that it was all bull… just like the ozone hole hoax and the drama of the earth running out of fuel by the year 2000. Just by the way… if you still don’t believe all that shite happened way back then, I’ll leave you with just this one link… you can find out for yourself! Yes, take a bit of time, educate yourself and then those closest to you.

The doomsday prophets back then also scared children but our parents told us to believe truth… not lies. Also… we were blessed back then… we didn’t have 24 hour per day social media and fake news onslaughts on our minds and on our reasoning. Like the children have today. Then you wonder why you hear stories of children suffering anxiety attacks?

That my friends, is what you get when you allow yourself to believe all the bull that’s going around! So… here’s a though…

Instead of worrying about climate change… rather concern yourself with personal change!

I thank my good lady for vocalising the thought. It happened while we were chatting about what our grand-kids are going through with all this Greta-mania. So… we decided to stress to their parents that they start thinking of personal change, like focusing on pollution.

Pollution of body, mind and soul!  

There are simple step any household can take.

  • Reduce the amounts of processed foods and carbohydrates that come in through the front doors.
  • Buy local fresh produce… supporting small farmers who don’t prop up their practices with chemically enhanced mono-culture methods.
  • This will lead to less waste and a healthier diet.
  • Also, find out what your children are taught at school.
  • Last but not least, challenge your local government representatives. Levying a carbon tax on people is taxing them for breathing!

OK… I’ll leave you with this lovely image… and the prediction that my great, great grand-kids will most likely play on or near this beach at some point in their lives… maybe even with their grand-kids in tow…

And guess what? Yes… the climate will still be changing… and carbon dioxide will still be a non-toxic essential element for life on earth!

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