Macro Monday – Getting Close… and Personal

So… here’s a lighter moment to show how macro moments happen. There is a need to get close to the target… as demonstrated by this lady I spotted along the woodland walk. Look… see the intense concentration… there is definitely a dedication and focus required for this art… but hey, that’s what makes it so much fun!

I recall once posting about laying flat on my belly to get a shot of the underside of a mushroom, when a passer-by (who I wasn’t aware of when I went down) stopped to ask if all was OK with me. Yeah… some folk just don’t get the need for that close-up macro moment feeling!! So… what was the centre of attraction for the above posture? Here we go… I did the same exercise and got this result…

So… there you have it… my contribution to Irene’s Sunshine Macro Monday challenge this week. Do go have a look… Irene has created a stand-alone page just for the challenge… FUN!

NOTE: Again, just a reminder – I’ll place the ping-back link as soon as Irene does today’s challenge post… done!

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16 Responses to Macro Monday – Getting Close… and Personal

  1. Very cool picture!!


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  3. TCast says:

    That photo you have captured is well worth it!

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  4. bushboy says:

    I agree. Some of the positions one gets into for a photo 🙂

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  5. perdebytjie says:

    Pragtige foto’s! Jy moet oppas, daardie vrou gaan bitter kwaad wees as sy weet jy plaas haar foto op jou blog!

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  6. Irene says:

    Wow! I think these are the prettiest mushrooms I’ve seen. Love it! ❤️


  7. Prior... says:

    Whew!! The details in those shrooms are amazing


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