Thursday Thought – Don’t Give UP!!

I’ve enjoyed Rainee’s blog for a number of years. I enjoy her thought provoking ideas and posts. Needless to say, over the years, it has lead me to comment on quite a few occasions. However, Rainee’s views have made me consider different angles to subjects… philosophy being one. So, based on Rainee’s recent post on Confucius, I paused and added a few of my thoughts.

Rainee ended her post with these words…

Over the past week I became quite distressed at issues happening throughout the world and I know I am not alone. I have been looking hard for the positives but today I came to see I am powerless to change anything. I think I need to detach and let go…

NOTE: Rainee ended her post with a quote… which I haven’t included here.

Here’s my comment to Rainee’s suggestion of letting go…

No… don’t give up! That’s what the totalitarians want… they want to silence the individual. That is the aim of communism and the collective. Turn humans into mental slaves… rob them of free speech and free thought… and the will for self determination!
Here’s a positive… when you speak out against all the crap being shoved down our throats by mass media, ask how people would like to live in silence? Ask how they would like to live without the concept of free speech. Ask them to show a bit of gratitude for what they have in the west and suggest they look into the progress of the past, since the Renaissance… and further suggest they strive to accept the positives and deal with the negatives. After all, our forefathers didn’t set out to do wrong and we cannot change the past but only seek a better future… for all.
The identity politics of the left will tear down the last vestiges of human dignity… if we shut up, that is!
Please keep speaking out! It matters!
Keep encouraging folk to be grateful that they were born into FREEDOM!

Folk often ask how we, as South Africans, see Ireland. We will mostly answer with just one word… FREEDOM!

Freedom? Yep.. we’re often the only two souls on this beach… and never feel like we could be facing any danger!

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2 Responses to Thursday Thought – Don’t Give UP!!

  1. It is not easy to find the positives in a world so cynical.


  2. perdebytjie says:

    Vryheid van spraak is baie belangrik, maar dit gaan ook gepaard met verantwoordelikheid en respek. Gelukkig kan ons in SA steeds redelik vry van opinie wees. Ek stem saam, mens moenie stilbly as iets ooglopend verkeerd is nie, maar aan die anderkant help dit ook nie om te kerm oor iets waaraan jy niks kan doen nie.


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