Flippant Friday… My Opinion

I thought… as the next silly season… the post holloween one, will soon be upon us, I will start a new Friday series. Well, my good lady sends me on memes she finds on that book-face place where I refuse to go, but I need to occasionally share the wisdom that my good lady sends me. So… to get this series underway… here’s a bit of humour… or is it a bit of truth?

OK… so… there you have it! No more confusion… just straight opinion. However, I will take notes… especially dollar notes, for any advice provided. I mean, at my age opinion is not only opinion… it is advice/ tuition/ inspiration/ mentoring/ whatever? Or is it? It makes no matter… dollars will be welcome… I need to go spend the stuff in that place they call Trumptonia.

Now… as for this coming silly season… the one they call holloween, here’s a precursor to the day. A creature I’m currently working on… he is at present guarding our front door but he will soon be moving to the grand-kids’ house… to amuse their parents!

PS – Just in case you haven’t noticed… only two months to go…

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12 Responses to Flippant Friday… My Opinion

  1. Eish… ek sal dit nie eers vir iemand anders kan aangee nie

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  2. perdebytjie says:

    Ek het nuus vir jou, hoe ouer mens raak, hoe minder tel jou opinie, al het jy jare se wysheid.🤣

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