Thursday Thought – Blog Buddy Random!

OK, so today, let me begin with an apology! I don’t get around to your blogs half as often as I would like to. I also don’t respond to your comments each and ever time… sorry! I have toyed with the idea of terminating my blogging but just can’t. You see… that TEN Year challenge I set myself is not that far away… only about another 450 daily posts and I’ll be there!

Now onto the specifics! Below is a lengthy comment I posted over at Khaya’s blog, in response to her Random Things: Week 39 musings.

Interesting assortment of random!

I’ll begin with Number Two… while enjoying Number Three in the background… so, I have in the past month or so been doing “Thoughtful Thursday” posts… but as soon as I seem to touch on anything slightly controversial (like the myth of climate change and the toxicity of CO2) the likes, comments and daily visits drop off sharply! I often wonder, in this enforced PC world that mass media and political agendas has shaped, if any debate is possible? Identity politics is ruining free speech and decency… never mind civil interaction!

OK… it’s autumn so I’m painting my days with diverse creativity. I’ve just, in the last few days, taken up the paint brushes again. I need to move forward with a few different projects… because, without creativity I will stagnate and become affected by the winter blues. Also… I am rediscovering my Faith… knowing that my belief will make a better man of me… more gentle, less likely to criticise without first pausing to reflect!

I will add that YouTube has many advantages… I now watch what I want to watch… and learn about things I want to turn into projects! And, then I’m still writing… hopefully confronting a few of the issues mentioned above… as I’m compiling a collection of non-fiction… to likely be called “True Stories and Other Essays”.

So… innovation? I think I do take risks… I chance baring my soul (to a degree) and I chance failure and criticism because at least I attempt to do and say things I believe in! (Winston Churchill was known to quip something about enemies…)
Practically… I just this morning had an idea to go on a mixed-media trip… using charcoal and paints. My daughter and husband are remodelling their bedroom. The feature wall behind their headboard is now green… “Springbok Green”, I’ve dubbed it. Seemingly randomly chosen. Anyway, they’ve asked me to do a piece for above the bed! (To tell you what, I’m rather chuffed and honoured!!) So… it will either be a canvas print of one of my photos… or a painting. Hence the need to work on a few painting ideas. But, then another thought struck… I have played with a number if images… all cropped to a set size of “9 x 16”. So, why don’t I display all these photos over at my blog… and hope people comment!? (Page under development as we speak! First draft completed – page is titled Photo Print Ideas.)

OK… that is enough… for now! Thanks for always providing thought provoking content and challenging ideas. As for point number five… just be true to your beliefs… and not afraid to be bold in expressing opinions, in a dignified and sober way!

OK… so, for today I’ll share a few of the photos you can now find in my new Photo Print Ideas Page… do feel free to visit there and leave a though or six… ta!

… and another…

… last, but not least…

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7 Responses to Thursday Thought – Blog Buddy Random!

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  2. Oh, I know! I’ve toyed with the idea of terminating my blog too. Blogging is wonderful but can be a time-suck. But please do keep going, even though I don’t visit and comment often myself, I find your posts engaging and photography amazing. Actually looking at photos above, now I can imagine beautiful mixed-media art inspired these pics. All the best with your creative pursuits, AJ. It’d be lovely to see the finished product.

    And Saturday is an important day. Hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends over a braai, while cheering for the Springboks. I’ll be doing the same. 😀

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    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks for the idea… yes, I may just pull out the braai and celebrate!! One of the Continental shops here sell good ol SA Pinotage… what better? May we enjoy celebrating the win in style!! 👍😂😃

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  3. HesterLeyNel says:

    Stunning foties!

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  4. Una says:

    Drie baie mooi fotos, AJ.


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