Macro Monday – Bedraggled…

It’s fast approaching the end of the dahlia season but here and there we still see a few blooms. Now, this particular flower (and plant) has special meaning so it was good to see it still hanging around, even though it is looking more and more bedraggled by the minute. October has been a very wet month here along the Irish sunny south east coast. Very wet… maybe all the rain has meant that the nighttime temps haven’t really been that low consistently enough to ruin all the blooms.

OK, so… you may ask why the flower and plant have special meaning?

Bedraggled! Seed harvested by me (2016?), seedlings raised by me (2019)… given away to a few folk and still around at the end of October 2019 to surprise and amuse me!!

That’s the photo’s caption… it explains it all… and fits Irene’s Sunshine Macro Monday challenge just fine. Sunshine… what sunshine??

PS – Yes… I had a wet knee after taking the photo…

PPS – Happy Monday… don’t let stress get in the way of fun this week!

PPPS – A reminder – I’ll place the ping-back link as soon as Irene does today’s challenge post…

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4 Responses to Macro Monday – Bedraggled…

  1. TCast says:

    It is worth having wet knees after the shot.👍🏼


  2. perdebytjie says:

    Pragtig! Ons het ons eerste lentereën gehad…35mm!


  3. HesterLeyNel says:

    Baie mooi, self in die nattigheid. Dit reën ook nou strome van seën hier by die Suidkus.


  4. Irene says:

    From seed to flower – spectacular! ❤️ You should be very proud of your beautiful flower.


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