Thursday Thought – Traffic Management Plan

What happens when you get stuck in home-time peak traffic on a wet, cold, dark and miserable evening? Well, you can either let your road rage get the better of you or you can look for a different route home… which will lead to worse roads, a longer travel time and guaranteed road rage. Or, you can sit back and relax… listen to great music and take happy snaps.

Yep, I’m lucky… I’m not the driver… I’m the passenger so I get to strap the camera around my neck and play… while softly trying to sooth my good lady driver’s nerves! Yep… the good lady occasionally gets het-up and irritated at the traffic… but generally she just takes the situation in her stride and drives on… getting us safely home. Thank you good lady! You may wonder why I don’t do the driving but that’s a long story… for another day! (Think of my blog’s name…) Therefore… because I had fun with the camera I’ll throw in a colourful abstract… just to prove I have an abstract side to me!

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1 Response to Thursday Thought – Traffic Management Plan

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Oulike foto!!


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