Thursday Thought – Green Gone Gaga!?

I suppose I’d be correct in saying that one would have to be living in the dark ages if one didn’t know the UN COP25 conference is currently happening in Madrid. One would also be sheltered way back in the dark ages to believe that there is any value in all the hot air that will be spewed when all the so-called climate emergency specialists open their mouths.

I mean… any adult who worships at the feet of an abused, manipulated, misguided well-travelled teenager should stop and realise their saint is just a mere mortal… with many faults! But, who am I to point that out? I will add… the only agenda the UN masters and their backers have is totalitarian control of the masses… by forcing governments to adopt their climate emergency policies. TAX the people, take away their rights to easy, inexpensive home heating and other pleasures fossil fuels provide so efficiently. And then, scream abuse at those who don’t believe their propaganda and dogma.

There was a time when I was a green energy supporter but I just can’t justify supporting an industry that only enriches very few… at the expense of populations’ of taxpayers. Yes, we’re subsidising the big wigs of green industry and governments, who are taking advantage of the fear they’ve stirred!

People, CO2 cannot be a toxin… all life is dependant on it! Also, a simple push-back when the despots throw insults at you for questioning their rhetoric… just ask when the climate hasn’t changed. If that’s not enough… simply ask the shouters to define the optimum temperature and CO2 levels for our planet. Then, when they spew more hot air… simply challenge them with a pained How Dare You?? Yes… how dare they treat us like serfs… who must all bow and scrape at the feet of their false gods and fake religion?

OK… I’ll leave it up to you to do more research… and to question the hot air. In parting, I put together a wee clip… for your delight! Yes… how dare I? It’s short… promise… less than two minutes… not even enough time to heat a kettle for your coffee…

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