Thursday Thought – 30 Day Creative Challenge?

So… this has me thinking… a 30 day creative (writing) challenge? Where did the idea originate? Well, click here to visit Rainee’s blog. Rainee is currently doing the challenge… and provided lists of tips and prompts, especially for folk who will do a writing challenge.

Now… here’s my problem.. it doesn’t help for me to do a thirty day challenge… it’s nothing new as I have been doing daily posts for almost nine years. I also don’t like being bound to one topic for 30 days… as I experienced with the April A to Z challenges. The other slight issue I have is that I only want to begin my 30 day creative challenge in early/ mid January. OK, so… I’ve mentioned a few variables… lets not call them problems or issues.

Now… here’s a few thoughts… and I’d like to sound you out. As mentioned, this blog has been going for almost nine years, daily posts! I believe the content has become stale… even boring for some. The numbers indicate this! But, in mid March I’ll start year ten… a challenge I set myself many year’s ago. Also, after chatting with the good folk of Murtagh’s Meadow about the idea of starting a Wildflower Wednesday series in mid March, we’ll get that going just after St Patrick’s Day… so, that is something to look forward to in my tenth year of blogging.

However, all that said and done, what can I set myself as a challenge for a “different” series? And… this is the thought that crossed my mind…

… asking you good folk to suggest topics for posts?? Yes… throw some random ideas in my direction, please? That way… we can build more interaction and also see how I should go about doing the posts. Right… I need action here… action from you, by you… for me for you! Here’s a few pointers…

  • I live along the east coast of Ireland… the Republic of Ireland.
  • I love the outdoors
  • my blog always includes a photo (or more) per day
  • I have a sense of humour… some may even suggest I can get quite sarky… but let’s stick with tongue in cheek…
  • I have loads of varied interests… I even have a fledgling YouTube channel going…
  • I love music and have quite a vinyl collection going – hence all the Tuesday Tunes posts
  • Ect, ect… etc… etc… ETC!

That’s it… I’ll throw the challenge back at you! Please help!?!?! That gives me a month to get a list together… and around this day next month, I’ll do an introduction post… but, in the meantime, I’ll do reminders at least once a week! So folk… now, it’s over to YOU!!


Through the portal… into a new era? With your help, please!

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3 Responses to Thursday Thought – 30 Day Creative Challenge?

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  2. Toortsie says:

    Go wild. Do something you never did before. Something out of the box. Try 30 subjects you thought you would never write about.


  3. Bernice says:

    Anything unique, unusual or traditional in your area of Ireland?


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