Flippant Friday – Go Grab a Movie, Greta!

I just loved this… the President, of arguably the world’s greatest country telling it like it is! So, I have a faint suspicion that more half the climate berserkers around the world will scream abuse… unjustifiably. I had a bit of fun with the red marker… I mean, a picture without a frame could potentially only tells about 100 stories… or less?

Just in case you’re of the suspicious kind… today the climate crisis will implode… I mean, it is Friday 13th after all! You can read the article here… be sure to share… you could become part of the new doomsday cult. OK… I’ll give you a better climate picture… taken earlier this week…

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3 Responses to Flippant Friday – Go Grab a Movie, Greta!

  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    Wel, vir die eerste keer moet ek met die trompet saamstem – ek het ook nie veel ooghare vir die kwaai ou mensie wat sulke vloermoere gooi nie.

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