OK folk, thanks for sticking with me… but I don’t think I’ve really slept in the last few nights… mind working overtime… head racing at night as I toss and turn! So, what was all the fuss about? Well, some of you know I did some radio work? fun on a different platform earlier this year.

Now, however, we (the team) have a new platform going… brand spanking new! What a Christmas prezzy!! See… even old dogs like me can have dreams come true!!

So… here’s an invite to join us at SAFFER Worldwide, please! The Auto DJ will be going 24-7… you’ll always have a great tune to listen out for. I plan to go hot-mic on Friday evening… around 17h30… our time. I may try for a bit earlier… to say hello to all my South African friends, foes and family! OK, do click here… this is what you’ll see first up…

Subscribe… please! We’re looking for participation… the sample magazine cover is there already but we plan to launch the magazine on 15 JAN 2020. At this point the site is still sparsely populated… but the music is hot… and it will drive away the winter chill, that’s for sure! However, all the links are live… apart from the bookface one… that’s still in development.

So… there you have it. What do I give you for a photo? Well, this is what it look like out of my office window… yesterday, while we were seriously busy.

Just as well… otherwise I may have wandered off to the beach… for this is what it looked like the day before… chilly but bright!

PS – I have contacted a few of my South African friends thus far… regarding contribution to the magazine… sorry if I haven’t got around to you before going live with the information… my enthusiasm got the better of me. So, please drop me a mail… at safferww @, or via the website!! THANKS!!

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4 Responses to It’s HAPPENED!!!

  1. Steph Nel says:

    ja jy wil mos…..Jon Bon Jovi se mos sleep when you dead? hehe

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Knap gedaan AJ! Hoop jou droom groei bo alle verwagtinge! Sal luister en ondersteun.


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