Thursday Thought… Some Light Relief!

In the week that Ricky Gervais takes on the the woke Hollywood leftest establishment and becomes the hero of the shouted-down mass of humanity who don’t want woke socialism shoved down their throats, by a bunch of super rich elitists who have no concept of reality… in that same week I come across this… and to my astonishment, I see it was actually a BBC creation.

OK, maybe BBC Scotland are a tad less removed from the reality facing real people. Anyway… now that you’ve had a good old chuckle… how about we share something reminiscent of life in the slow lane? This is Arklow’s Nineteen Arches Bridge… all bedecked and bejeweled with candles… as all historic bridges should be. I mean… who’s paying all the carbon tax for making something pretty?

OK – A quick update – We’ve reluctantly had to move the magazine publishing date to the 20th of January… sorry folk, life has a habit of getting in the way when one sets the timelines too tight! However, for those who have already sent on their submissions, THANKS! And… for those who have suggested they still have stories to send on… please do, you will now be assured your of your place in our history by getting your submission into the first edition!

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