Tuesday Treat – Creativity Strikes…

Some time ago… Rainee introduced us to a 30 day creativity challenge. I said I would do it but I’ve had so many conflicting thoughts and ideas… basically because doing thirty consecutive days is nothing new… as I have been doing daily posts for many years. OK… so, why do I dither? Because a promise made must be a promise kept – even when Rainee let me off the hook by saying I don’t have to do the challenge because I already do many creative bits. However… I think I have guilt-tripped myself on not keeping my word!

NO… I’m not yet ready to do the challenge… but, I am ready to answer a few questions… just for the fun of it! So… here are the questions… and yes, I lifted them off a post by Rainee. To begin with… here’s the comment I left over there…

I think I shall copy those questions and do a post! Thanks for the idea… borrowed or not, it works for me!!!

Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue!

  1. Have you got fresh flowers in your home? Yes… story for another day…
  2. Have you got any pictures hanging on your walls? Yes… even a few of mine
  3. Have you got any photographs in your room? Yes – of my Good Lady (thoroughly deserved, she’s a sexy lady!) And some of kids and grand-kids
  4. Are you wearing clothes that delight you? I’m a boy so that doesn’t work for/ on me… anyway, I dress for comfort… not for speed! (Refer Point 10)
  5. Can you smell your favourite perfume? No… refer to point 4… (Just btw… I have no sense of smell so more reason to refer to point 4 above…)
  6. Have you got an inspirational book by your bed? Yes, the Bible… and a few others. Also, the laptop is also not far away… loads to find there.
  7. Have you listened to any special music in the last 24 hours? Yes… click here to join me…
  8. How long is it since you went for a walk in the countryside or by the sea? Saturday in the countryside – and we very often walk along the beach… as witnessed by this blog’s content.
  9. When was the last time your prepared yourself some special food? I did our Year End Thanksgiving feast… well, mostly – 31 DEC 2019 – it’s winter here so braais are a little in short supply at the moment!
  10. Are the clothes you are wearing comfortable and pleasing to you? Comfortable yes… my GLW is suggesting lately that I look a tad like a tramp… but who cares – suits my image… (Refer to point 4 above.)

There you have it… my Tuesday treat, as inspired by Rainee. Right, I mentioned Saturday’s walk… today’s countryside photos were taken then.

OH… if you’re wondering about the art… this one hangs in our room… a particular favourite of my GLW… and no, we don’t have green bedroom walls… yuck! (Old photo…)

Method in the madness… or rather madness in the method!

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2 Responses to Tuesday Treat – Creativity Strikes…

  1. Rainee says:

    Well done Vossey! You ticked more boxes than me. 🙂


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